Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Subscription is Yours--Not Someone Else's

Please do not share issues of Casefile Clues with others.

While we do appreciate you letting others know about Casefile Clues, sending them your subscription instead of having them subscribe themselves is, in a nutshell, unethical.

We try and keep the costs of Casefile Clues to a very reasonable amount, but web hosting, some onsite research fees, and copy editing require income.

Please don't forward Casefile Clues others, particularly when you hit "reply" instead of forward. All that does is forward me my newsletter and your message.


  1. You may not want others sharing their subscriptions (although a good reason for that escapes me), you have the right to ask it. But calling people who do so "unethical," goes a step too far. It would not be unethical for someone to share with a friend a magazine or a newspaper they bought. It would be unethical for a subscriber to sell it as their own and profit from your work.

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  3. Forwarding a complete copy of an electronic publication is reproducing it. This is not the same as giving someone an entire issue of a magazine that you purchased and no longer need. In the case of forwarding an electronic publication, the person forwarding the issue still has their original. Reproducing an entire issue of a magazine would be frowned upon by most publishers for a variety of reasons. Violation of copyright also has nothing to do with whether the person "sharing" receives any money or not.