Friday, April 12, 2013

Cannot Read That Page Number

For an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues--either 30 or 31--this is one census page that will be cited as part of the material used in the analysis.

The page number is pretty difficult to read and there is no other page number given on this sheet, which is the one that contains the family of interest.

The previous sheet is clearly marked "321." I'm thinking that my citation for the page above needs to somehow include this "benchmark" page as it may be easier to find than the one with the number that cannot be read. 

Of course, we are also using dwelling and family numbers, but this whole census is not easy to read. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.


  1. When I first looked at the page number circled on your census image, it appeared to me to be "126". But, upon closer inspection, it looks like a "66". The second image that you show was apparently originally numbered 63, which has a mark across it with 321 written out beside it.

    I have some other thoughts on this...what is the possibility that the "321" isn't a page number, and the line through the "63" is just an errant mark? Maybe the 321 was telling the census taker something else. I don't know what house/family numbers are involved in this particular census image, but maybe it was a note reminding the census taker which house to start with after a break or the next morning.

    These are just some thoughts that came to my mind, maybe a help, maybe not, but there you have it. Have a great evening.

    1. I think the previous page is 65. Look at the "5" in 5/12 for the entry on line one. Compared to the number on the page previous - I'd say it's a 5. Logically, the page of interest is page 66.