Saturday, April 6, 2013

No Dates in Those Citations

The latest issue of Casefile Clues contained transcriptions of two deeds in a credit under file. We decided to cite each document within the file to make it absolutely clear to which document we we referring. The bold part of this citation was common to each reference made to the file.

Tipton to Shores, James Shores, Assignee of Thomas J. Rampley, Dec’d, credit under file, certificate no. 1732, Zanesville, Ohio, Land Office; Land Entry Papers, 1800-1908; Records of the Bureau of Land Management, Record Group 49; National Archives, Washington, D. C.

It was decided not to include the date of the document as a part of the citation. This was done because there were not multiple documents with similar enough titles and it was decided that the date was not crucial to know who which document was meant. 

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