Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Was She Mrs.?

This is part of the death certificate that is being analyzed in the issue of Casefile Clues that is scheduled to be released next--issue 30.

Madaleine and I have been having a discussion about the name while we've been reviewing the edits. "Mrs. Lucinda Kile" is how the deceased is listed. There's a spot elsewhere on the certificate for marital status-she was married at the time she died.

Usually this notation "Mrs. Lucinda Kile" is reserved for a woman who is divorced or whose husband is deceased. That's not the case with Lucinda at all.

The "Mrs." debate really isn't germane to our discussion of the document, but it is an interesting item to consider as the usage of her name with the term "Mrs." is unusual for the time period.

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