Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Casefile Clues and Writing Suggestions

I've had newsletter readers ask about genealogy writing suggestions on this blog. In the interest of keeping things as "on task" as possible, the Casefile Clues blog will concentrate on newsletter issues, content, document analysis, citation,  and writing and editing discussions directly related to the newsletter. Those who would like writing tips of a more general nature may wish to check out my Rootdig blog where I'm going to be including some of those ideas as we move forward.

Some have compared our article format (especially the articles discussing one record) as similar to the document analysis done by some professionals as a part of their regular work.

Newsletter issues are usually focused on one document. That's fairly easy to start writing about. Time is the problem. The format from one issue to the next is usually similar: introduce the document, transcribe the document, analyze the document, discuss the research goals, and wrap it up with a discussion of further research approaches and the reasons for those approaches. If the article is on a specific family or research problem, the process is slightly different. Readers who are having difficulty with their own family or a record may find a similar approach helpful in their own research.

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