Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Citing the Entire Column

This is part of a chart that is being used in the upcoming issue of Casefile Clues. 

Citation of items is always a concern. I'm also concerned about not going "hog wild crazy" on footnotes. The information used to create this chart was taken from separate parts of a partition suit. The chart has over thirty cells. The names all come from one page of a reference--the same page as the portion of the estate. The relationships come from a different page in the record.

I've decided that instead of citing each name, portion, and relationship, we'll just have a citation for the heading of each column as shown in this partial illustration.

That will make the point, but not leave me with thirtyplus footnotes that are extremely repetitive.

Portion of estate[2]
Bernard Dirks
Son of Heipke Dirks
Lena Janssen
Daughter of Heipke Dirks
Bertha Janssen
Daughter of Heipke Dirks
Mary Heidbreder
Daughter of Heipke Dirks

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