Monday, July 1, 2013

How Did They Decide Those Parts?

Normally when there is an intestate estate, each heir receives an equal amount of their parent's estate. That's not quite the case with the family of Heipke Dirks who died in Adams County, Illinois, in 1924. Typically, the children in a case of this type of estate each receive the same size of the estate and any children of a deceased child would receive together an amount equal to their parent's share.

Here's what each child received:

  • son Bernard Dirks 16/63
  • daughter Lena 9/63
  • daughter Mary 9/63
  • daughter Bertha 9/63
  • daughter Anna 9/63
  • children of deceased daughter Gesche together receive 9/63
  • children of deceased son Henry together receive 2/63
The estate records don't explicitly indicate why Bernard received more than his sisters and why Henry's children received a smaller slice of the pie than the others. 

But we've got it figured out.
Stay tuned. 

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