Monday, July 22, 2013

Information Versus Evidence

We are wrapping up the edits on issue 35. One of the points of discussion was the use of the word "information" and "evidence."

I tend to use "information" and "evidence" interchangeably. In an attempt to stay consistent with the current use of the word in the "genealogical lexicon," we'll try and use "evidence" as we move forward. For the layman there's probably not that big of a distinction..and from my standpoint it is only one word.

Our overriding goal is to make the newsletter readable and accurate. While we do use the academic journals to provide some guidance, our attempt is not to mimic any of them. We try and avoid the generally cursory treatment of topics that appear in most of the "slick" magazines as well. I know readers have plenty of places to get a shorter discussion of topics and we try and avoid that as well.

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