Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Samuel Neill's Property

In issue 35 of Casefile Clues, we reviewed a Master's Deed that was executed as part of a partition suit involving the heirs of Samuel Neill in Hancock County, Illinois, in 1913.

In reviewing the additional deeds that had been located on Samuel Neill, it became apparent that one deed of purchase had not been located (there were three tracts comprising Samuel's property and two tracts were accounted for in deeds of purchase) and further research needs to be conducted.

There is an additional reason for desiring to obtain the third deed. When Samuel naturalized in 1880, the county treasurer vouched for him having lived in the United States for five years. The treasurer lived in the county seat which was several miles from where Samuel lived. It is possible he knew Samuel had lived there for five years because he had paid property taxes during that time. I will have to see when the third tract was purchased.

The other two were purchased after Samuel naturalized.

So if this third tract was as well, then maybe the collector vouched for him for a different reason.

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