Friday, July 5, 2013

Style Guide for Casefile Clues?

We don't have a specialized style guide for Casefile Clues, but I'm thinking about it. Madaleine uses the Chicago Manual of Style and general NGSQ practices when she's reviewing material before it goes out.

But the author would be better served by having a guide of his own to which he could refer when writing as there are times when he is inconsistent. It would probably make things a little easier on Madaleine as well. We cite materials in the spirit of Evidence Explained, but there is a great deal more to editing and writing besides citations.

We will discuss some of these concerns here on the blog, but we will try and keep it to a sane level--assuming that not all of our readers are concerned with the really fine points of writing and editing.

Unless we get a great demand for it that is!

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