Monday, June 24, 2013

Casefile Clues Clarification

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Was Augusta Newman a Man or a Woman?

We have actually discussed Augusta Newman in several issues of Casefile Clues before--not just the issue 32 that was recently distributed to subscribers.

This image comes from the Bourbon County, Kentucky, marriage register--showing Augusta's 1815 marriage. The grooms in these entries are always listed first. Readers of issue 32 will remember that the deed that was discussed also involved two members of the Sledd family.

We discussed this marriage record (and the marriage bond) in issue 13 from volume 3 of Casefile Clues.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Issue 32 is out

Email me at if you did not receive the latest issue. Thanks!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Volume 3--Topics for Issues 21-30

Topic list update from year 3

·         Issue 21 – Analyzed in Isolation: An 1855 Guardianship Appointment. In this issue of Casefile Clues, we analyze one document as if it has been located entirely by itself.
·         Issue 22 – Get Off My Rented Ground: An 1812 Ejectment Survey. In this issue of Casefile Clues, we look at a land survey contained in a court case from Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1812.
·         Issue 23 – Our Daughter Can Get Hitched: An 1868 Marriage. In this issue of Casefile Clues we look at an 1868 Illinois marriage license that contains an actual letter from the parents of the underage bride, instead of a clerk’s annotation that the parents have “given consent.”
·         Issue 24 – About My Husband: Cook County Divorce Statements. In this issue of Casefile Clues, we look at statements made in an early 20th century Chicago area divorce.
·         Issue 25 – Giving Grandma My Claim. In this issue of Casefile Clues, we look at an affidavit contained in an incomplete homestead claim from Dawson County, Nebraska.
·         Issue 26 – Contingent Life Estates: The 1912 Will of James Rampley. The will of James Rampley was admitted to probate by an Illinois court in 1913. The relatively short document provides for his wife and daughter, leaving the balance of his estate to his son upon their demise.
·         Issue 27 – My Grandpa Owned This Farm: The 1942 Affidavit of James Edward Rampley. The thorough researcher who takes the time to plow through every land record involving a family may be rewarded with unexpected treasures, at least sometimes.
·         Issue 28 – Too Many Margarets: The 1850 and 1860 Census Enumerations of Michael Trautvetter. Immigrants rarely migrate in complete isolation. Frequently they are parts of larger chains of migrations including family members or other people they knew “back home.”
·         Issue 29 – The Straw man: Thomas Tipton in the Credit Under File of James Shores. In this issue of Casefile Clues, we look at a nineteenth-century federal land sale that resulted in the use of a straw man to complete the transactions.
·         Issue 30 – A Year to File: The Death Certificate of Lucinda Kile. In this issue of Casefile Clues, we look at a death certificate from 1878 that was not filed until a year later. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Missing Issues, Etc.

If you sent a missing issue request in the last few days, please bear with me until I return from the Family History Center in Salt Lake to process your request. I'm taking the train home and internet is irregular on the train.



Bernhard Dirks Inherits 16/63 of his mother's estate

In a future issue of Casefile Clues, we will be looking at how the estate of Heipke Dirks (from Adams County, Illinois, around 1924) was broken up into these respective portions:

There's a story here. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Issue 31 is Out

Issue 31 should be in your inboxes.

If you did not receive it or are missing other issues, please let me know.

We get bounced emails just about every time...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Residential Clue

The 1906 will of August Mortier contains only two sentences and it's featured in the next issue of Casefile Clues. The order admitting will to probate mentions the heirs-at-law and includes a reference that was previously unknown:

Peter's residence in Lincoln, Illinois, explains why he was not located in other records.

Stay tuned for our analysis of the will of August Mortier and our discussion of whether or not to pursue the Frank's records.