Monday, October 28, 2013

Issue 3-39 is out

Issue 3-39 just went out.

If you are a subscriber and did not receive it, please let me know at


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The issue 37 sent 8 October

The issue that was just mailed was incorrectly numbered 3-37.  It should have been 3-38.

For those who save their issues and use the file numbers to keep track (which is the intent of how we name them), I'll be sending out a corrected issue later today.

My apologies for the mixup.


Issue 3-37 is out

Issue 3-37 of Casefile Clues has been sent. In it we take a look at two marriage bonds from Kentucky where the person of interest is not the bride nor is he the groom. Email me at if you are a subscriber and you did not receive.

I am also ending webinar sales as of 9 October 2013--and closing out the offerings for $5 each.

There's a list here:

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Flip Side and Those Numbers

This is the "cover sheet" from an 1830 marriage bond from Nicholas County, Kentucky. In the next issue of Casefile Clues, I've transcribed the numbers even though they are upside down, I'm not certain what they are for, and the calculation appears to be incorrect.

A bigger frustration I have with microfilmed or digital images is the occasional difficulty one has in determining which front and back go together. In the examples discussed in issue 3-37, that's not a problem, but sometimes it is.

Stay tuned.